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Hello, Classy Classmates-

Wow!  It's Fall already, and back-to-school time (well, for our grandkids and maybe a few great-grandkids- us, not so much.)

We've done a little more minor "tidying up" on the website, probably not noticeable to anyone but your faithful webmaster.

We've added to our What's New With You section and yes, sadly, to the In Memoriam section as well.

As are we all, this website is a work in progress, so check back from time to time to see what else is new.

We'd love to hear your news and reminiscences, so please stay in touch via sending email to 61.committee@gmail.com.






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  Mighty Mos & Onion Ring Recipe

Our Authors

The Blue and Gold

We'll stand together, though oceans may part us, We will treasure, though years may be long,
Our high school, our own alma mater,
And the echo of this our song—
To the Blue and the Gold we will raise our song,
To the Blue of loyalty; to the Gold that stands for the glory gained and the honor still to be,
To the work and fun and friendships won,
Evermore we'll give a cheer, And we'll raise our Flag of Blue and Gold
Even higher year by year.

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The 1958 River Road Fire



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